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Some people dream of success. Together, we will make it happen for you.

Peggy Brockman is a Business Coach with a powerful background as an entrepreneur as well as being an expert in business, leadership and marketing strategies. Peggy can help transform your business into a money-making machine!  She has years of working in all forms of media, training & coaching business leaders and sales entrepreneurs all around the world, and growing successful businesses.


In addition, she has coached corporate executives from such organizations as American Express and Microsoft as well as military, independent business owners, sales professionals, and struggling business partners. Together, you will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process including, interaction and accountability.


Her coaching style is very direct yet supporting - intuitively knowing just how far to stretch you.  She asks the tough questions and doesn't miss the little nuances you might not even notice.  She can be your toughest accountability partner when you are selling yourself short or working to accomplish a goal, and then your biggest cheerleader when you succeed.  If you are looking for a Business Coach, call Peggy Brockman 850-259-8356




“I truly enjoyed working with Peggy. When we began our work together, my business was really struggling. I didn’t really have much guidance. Peggy helped me recreate my coaching program from scratch, helped me make it to the semi-finals in a grant competition and helped me become more confident.  I used to shy away from putting myself out there and soon I will be giving a presentation as an expert in my field. If you’re looking to grow your business and as a person HIRE Peggy. It’ll be the best investment you’ll make.” 

Danny Terrero, CEO of Think Transition Inc.

"In working with Peggy, I gained the skills and confidence needed to make sound and grounded decisions.  Her approach is not only caring but can be tough too. She often asks the tough questions that you’ve been avoiding, making you confront and discover the core of your problems. It is through these tough questions and self-reflection that Peggy has helped me consider and think through how to best approach each situation, become organized in my work life and find true balance between work and home.  Peggy has been nothing less than phenomenal."  

Andrea L, - Microsoft

"As a result of Peggy's BreakThrough Program and executive coaching, I was able to focus on areas in which I needed to improve, but even more importantly I learned how to build on my strengths.  I learned how to really communicate with my staff, strengthening my relationships with them and in turn watching their sales soar.  Not only did I get a great Business Coach with Peggy, but now I also have a trusted friend and advisor who I can call and is available whenever I need an objective sounding board.  The skills she has helped develop for me and my sales staff will last a lifetime.  Peggy is a positive, motivating person who can lead you down a path to help you grow personally and professionally."

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~ Add Over 25% Sales to Your Business
~ BreakThrough Old Beliefs, Habits and Fears
~ Re-Energize Your ATTITUDE!
~ Discover the WHY and How of Your Purpose, Vision & Goals 
~ Eliminate the 5 Mistakes We Make that Prevent Success in Goal Achievement
~ Learn the SMARTER Goals Formula
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S. Hanson - Owner, The Insurance Center

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