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Motivational Speaker

As a Founding Member of The John Maxwell Team, Peggy has access to a number of leadership and personal growth programs she can make available to your group.  In addition, she has some signature motivational and keynote speeches for delivery.  Below you will find some sample videos of her speaking and training, a brief bio and a list of speaking and training topics.  You can click on the JMT Logo to the right to go to her John Maxwell Team website with additional information and freebies.
Oh No They Didn't - 2:14 min.
Florida Jaycees - 8:03 min.
Stuck in the Comfort Zone - 2:33 min.

Peggy Brockman is an engaging Motivational Speaker & Keynote Speaker.  She brings to your group a PASSION for people, possibilities, positive change and delivering the tools, techniques, and SOLUTIONS audiences need to THRIVE, both personally and professionally.  She’s an INSPIRATIONAL speaker, POWERHOUSE entrepreneur, ENGAGING author, and a respected member of John C. Maxwell’s international speaking, training and coaching team.  She’s also a wife, mom to five girls, Grammy to eight and an active community leader.  As CEO of Brockman Enterprises, she is certified as both an Organizational Management and HR System expert and a Personality and Interaction Styles expert.


One thing’s for certain – she GETS what it takes to move BEYOND boundaries and status quo pitfalls and truly live life with an empowered sense of RENEWED SPIRIT, RESILIENCE, JOY and BALANCE and she shares those solutions and insights with her audience!  This is evidenced in her riveting and inspirational book “10 Feet from the Edge:  Stuck in the Comfort Zone”.


If you’re ready to LAUGH a little, LEARN a lot, LOOK at things a little differently, and STEP OUT of old habits and comfort zones and into the kind of life you’ve always wanted, then please, choose Motivational Speaker & Keynote Speaker Peggy Brockman for your event! 

"In everything she does, from motivational & keynote speaking and coaching, to writing and leading by example, Peggy Brockman exudes (and teaches) courage, strength, and how to lead an empowering life. For anyone ready to step beyond their own comfort zones and into a more positive, passionate, and powerful life -Take your queue from this remarkable woman!"

                                                                                             Scott Fay - Vice President of The John Maxwell Team



  • Growing from STUCK to WOW (Watch Out World!) - How our attitudes, beliefs & choices affect our growth

  • Oh No They Didn't! -  A Unique Perspective on Interaction & Personality Styles

  • BreakThrough: Create Your Best Year EVER! - A powerful new take on Vision, Purpose & Goals  

  • Get a Grip on GRUMPY:  Get Ready to Unleash the Maximum Potential in You

  • Did You Hear Me?:  The Power of Engaged Listening

  • The "P" in LeadershiP:  Leading with Passion, Purpose, & Possibility....and NEVER Procrastination!



  • Building a Cohesive Team

  • Oh No They Didn't!

  • Creating a Coaching Culture

  • Connect, Communicate and Close

  • Words that Sell

  • Employee Engagement = Employment Retention

  • WOW Your Customers:  Delivering Extraordinary Internal & External Customer Service

  • Get Out of Your Box and Lead!



  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

  • Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

  • How to Be a REAL Success

  • Becoming a Person of Influence

  • Put Your Dreams to the Test

  • Everyone Communicates – Few Connect

  • Developing the Leaders Around You



All speaking/training topics are customized to fit the needs of your organization.  A needs analysis will be done prior to your event to understand your organizational needs better.  Peggy speaks on a variety of other topics not included on this list so if you have a specific topic you need please ask.  If she can’t cover it, she will refer you to someone who can!

"Peggy spent time with me to identify what message she could deliver to this group that was significant to helping us achieve our goals and objectives. She did exactly that. Her talk on "Get Out of Your Box and Lead" hit home with this group of community leaders. Peggy's enthusiasm, her concise approach to our topic, her added personal touch, professionalism, insight, direction and encouragement were apparent during her presentation."

                                                                                                                           Toni Richardson - Best Western

Engaged Listening - 7:54 min.

“We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Peggy Brockman | Brockman Enterprises, Inc. | 850-259-8356 |

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